Love Notes

* * *There are 12 months a year…30 days a month…7 days a week…24 hours a day…60 minutes an hour…but only one like you in a lifetime:-D

* * *Great minds contain ideas, solutions and reasons; scientific minds contain formulas, theories and figures; my mind contains only you!:-D

* * *If I could change the alphabet, I would put U and I together!.:-D

* * *There are two reasons why I wake up in the morning: my alarm clock and you.:-D

* * *You look great today. How did I know? Because you look great everyday.:-D

* * *What is love? Those who don’t like it call it responsibility. Those who play with it call it a game. Those who don’t have it call it a dream. Those who understand it call it destiny. And me, I call it you.:-D

* * *What is love? It is what makes your cell phone ring every time I send text messages.:-D

* * *There is night so we can appreciate day, sorrow so we can appreciate joy, evil so we can appreciate good, you so I can appreciate love.:-D

* * *Love can be expressed in many ways. One way I know is to send it across the distance to the person who is reading this.:-D

* * *Minsan caring is better than loving. Minsan tea is better than coffee. Minsan smile is better than laughter. Pero nobody is better than you:-D

* * *A lady is a woman who makes a man behave like a gentleman. You’re such a lady to me.:-D

* * *To forget you is hard to do and to forget me is up to you. Forget me not, forget me never. Forget this text, but not the sender.:-D

* * *If love can be avoided by simply closing our eyes, then I wouldn’t blink at all for I don’t want to let a second pass having fallen out of love with you.:-D

* * *I used to think that dreams do not come true, but this quickly changed the moment I laid my eyes on you.:-D

* * *Some people were born with talents. They can do beautiful things with their skills, knowledge and technology. But no one is as talented as you. You just come near, and there is already beauty.:-D

* * *You are as sweet as sugar. Please do not go out to the rain without an umbrella. Or else, I will lose you to the rain since you would melt away.:-D